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Is my API RESTful when I use (only) JSON?

Short answer: no. Long answer: no, not yet. One of the key constrains on REST is that a RESTful API must use hypermedia formats (the HATEOAS constraint). Unfortunately, JSON is not a hypermedia format. There is no predefined way to deal with link discovery in JSON. One API could use the following for link discovery:

    "_links" : [
            "rel" : "self"
            "href" : ""
            "rel" :

while another API would use something like this:

    "hyperlink" : [
        "self" : "",
        "next" : "",

Although JSON does't have inherent hypermedia support, some standardisation is on its way to change that. JSON-LD, which is already an official W3C standard, and HAL, which is a personal project, formalize the expression of links in JSON so that clients can instantly follow and discover these links without having to rely on out-of-band additional knowledge.



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